Poster Design for 2024 Celebration of the Whales at Channel Islands Harbor
Silly Sloth
Whale Tail Waves (mix-media style)
Dancing Dragon (mix-media style)
Betta Bubbles 
Peacock and Butterfly
Southwestern Gecko Sundala
Spiral Seahorse
Octopus Tangle 
Creative Beast
Tiger Tangle 
Zen Koi Yin Yang
Tide Riding Turtle
Humming Rose
Lino-saurus Rex
Zig Zag Zebra
Guided by Your Light
Shark Burst
Starry Night Astronaut
Sun Kissed Bliss
Owl Butterfly
Baby Elephant with Sunflower
Great Horned Owl
Dawn Patrol
Blue Whale Wave Rider   
Shark Bait
Carousel Horse
Funky Rooster
Simple Snail